coral nymph

rosiedcJune 3, 2012

first time planting from seed in container. its growing well (about 16 inches high), but my question is...

i wanted to plant in ground and cut down and mulch over winter or should i keep in pot and over winter in garage. garage usually stays in 60s. live in central missouri. thanks for the info


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Here are some options
1)Plant in the ground let it reseed/cut plant back in fall. Protect over the winter.Using leaves (or mulch) and a couple of levels of frost protection ie: Plastic bags etc.. Remove
protection and leaves (or mulch) when all danger of frost is past.

2)Put plant in the area where you want it. Let the seed
fall in the place you want it.Prune back in fall. Bring the potted plant in the garage as a back up just in case.

3) Plant don't protect let it reseed and don't worry about protecting it (S.coccinea will set lots of seed).

  1. Enjoy in any case.
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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Coral Nymph probably wouldn't survive the winter in your area even with mulch if it is in the ground. It is too easy to grow from seed each year. Reseeders work well for me and start popping up as soon as the ground warms.


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I dont think reseeding or volounteers are very trustworthy especially with coral nymph. I suggest collecting seed and start seedlings , at least that you can control. When stems turn brown snap off those entire stems and put those in a large brown paper bag , shake the bag vigorously and collect the seed. I usually start seedling around march 1st in my midwest location.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If anyone has more than one form of coccinea growing, expect lots of variation in seedlings, collected or not.

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On a coccinea related note, has anyone tried the Giant Salvia coccinea? A friend forwarded several seeds one of which sprouted in late March. Currently the plant is approaching five feet tall and has very long flower stalks. Can it really grow to 9 feet tall? Side shoots have begun to break off and I think my first mistake was planting in a spot where it didn't have the support of other more sturdy neighbors.

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Really, all coral have always been true to form so have my red. I'm growing white this year so hopefully they bloom.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

My coral nymph reseeded , but not lady in red. That's okay I have
backup seed from last year.... ro, if I were you I would just collect the
seed. An easy way to collect it is to just squeeze the dried flower
head at the base, and the black seed just fall out.

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Always in the past lady in red has been my big reseeder but this season it was coral nymph and that is unusual for me. But I love coral nymph and dont like to be without it.

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