separating chaff -a new way?

Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)March 14, 2006

Thought I found a great way to remove chaff from my sweet william seed- static electricity. Seems like the chaff always stuck to my containers from static electricity and so I thought maybe I could use static electricity to get rid of the chaff in my seeds. Drawing on an old trick we used to do with balloons I blew up a balloon and rubbed it through my hair to build up the static in the balloon. I held it over the seeds and voila the chaff literally jumped onto the balloon. I brushed the chaff from the ballon and repeated the process. This worked great until-POP! I guess some of the chaff is like little needles. Anybody know of something else that might hold static electricity and won't pop.

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ROFLMAO! How much seed did you lose? The mental picture is just too funny!

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magus(8a BC)

Try a comb. Just rub it on a carpet or your hair or something. That should work too. Just make sure you clean the comb before you use it, unlike you like the natural look on your hair... :)

A piece of paper might work too, or pieces of acrylic or plexiglass. Most plastic stuff should work too.

Thanks for suggesting it. I've noticed the effect before, but didn't think of it for removing chaff. It won't work with heavier chaff, but the lighter chaff is usually the most annoying type to clean off anyway.

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wow, what great ideas, I usually just blow on the seeds and wind up getting the chaff in my eyes,ears and hair! I am def. going to try both the comb and balloon idea. I have trouble sometimes because I put the whole kit and kaboodle inside a plastic tupperware type bowl and everything sticks to the bowl itself. I have to remember to use glass instead. This should work better, right?
Debra :)

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

I don't know how it would work with small seed. It worked really good with my sweet william seed -right up until the balloon popped. The static picked up the chaff and seemed to leave the seed. It really was something. I'd hold the balloon over the seed and you could hear the chaff swirling around in the container, just from the static, then jumping up onto the balloon. I'm going to try and find some other more indestructable object that will conduct static.

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