Will these be good yet?

halley_rose(z4 Wi)March 27, 2009

I didn't get all my morning glory seeds harvested last fall. Someone wants some now. I saw there are some seed heads on the vines yet, that have brown seeds in yet. Would they be alright to plant this spring, or not. I live in zone 4, in Wisconsin.

The same exact thing is true with my siberian iris. There are some brown seeds in the pods yet. Would they be good for this springs planting? How long would they take before they'd be mature enough to plant?

Thanks for any help. Greatly appreciate any advice.

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Hi Halley Rose,
The MG seeds are fine to plant. If they fell out on their own this spring, they would sprout.
The Siberian iris seeds are good, but I'm not sure sitting outside in the pod is the same as in dirt all winter. See, the iris need a cold period to germinate, but normally to make them sprout, you plant them and let them sit out all winter. Did I make sense? lol. You could try planting some now and see what happens.
Did you mean how long would they take to flower? If so, in a couple years they will flower.
Hope that helps,

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