indoor winter care for salvia greggi

fritzmomJune 28, 2007

Hi All

New to this site but have been lurking the past few days. Great forums, don't know how I missed them!

But my question...I purchased 4 navajo red salvia greggi this spring. In this part of the continent, Manitoba Canada, they're annuals. However, at $9.00 a plant, I'd like very much to overwinter them in the house if possible. I have them in a large patio container where they seem to be doing great. Has anyone else from the northern climes overwintered these type of salvias? I bought them because they were: different, so pretty to look at, and the tag said Hummers loved them. And the Hummers do...they visited the plants before I even had a chance to pot them! Anyhow, if someone has any tips for me, I sure would appreciate them.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to spending more computer time here.


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Do you have a sun room or a sunny enclosed porch? With storm windows and the means to keep the temps at a low of 25 F in the immediate vicinity of the plants, you should be able to keep them. A big cellar window might even be better.

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atravers(zone 5)

I had the same question, Fritzmom. I've been able to winter over salvia elegans indoors on a sunny south window sill here in zone 5 taking cuttings throughout the winter as it gets leggy. Planted out 6 good-sized plants this spring, one of them the parent plant, with blooms throughout June and continuing on to date. Other years I've been starting them from seed indoors under lights in February/March but I don't get blooms until almost frost. So this has been a good learning experience. Just wondering if I'll be able to do the same with the greggi.

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While I keep the ones I want to take winter cuttings from on a cool backporch several friends do winter their greggii indoors successfully. You might want to take some cuttings from plants you like now so they will be well rooted by fall. The only thing I've had to be careful about in keeping them on the porch is to make sure they don't dry out; they can wilt and die in a couple of days.

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