Salvia thyrsiflora

voodoobrewJune 14, 2013

There is very little on the web about this salvia. I recently bought it at Cabrillo. Snails adore it.

It is struggling. The main stems at the base have basically dried up, causing the outer stems to wither. I have cut them all off, and put them in water. They look ok, so I guess I'll try to root them.

What on earth happened? It's odd. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Hi there!!! I grew this Salvia 2 years ago.....really nothing to get excited about in the UK! Just a tall straggly plant with tiny flowers, obviously the climate here is wrong! Think this one needs heat and humidity, and shade. I sent seeds to Queensland, Australia, very hot and humid, and it did well there, if not exactly spectacular!

But good luck with your plants, I don't intend to grow this again.


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