Sans. FL H-13

laura1(9aTpa,FL)July 11, 2013

I can't find much information on this one. None of the pictures look like mine but I feel sure I do have H-13. This is a sans that was breed for its rope value. The spears grow to 5'+ although mine is about 4'. This shows my growing clump.

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here is a characteristic that is interesting: the squiggly spears

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Nice pics. I do not have this plant, but I have seen its name come up now and then and knew it originated as part of the breeding program for fiber. There is a nice variegated form in cultivation too. Where are you that you can grow this outside all year?

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I'm in Florida. we have had a couple of mild winters but I think I got a little frost burn on the left side this past winter. I'm not worried about it too much since it will always come back from the ground if frozen.

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