I need seed saving tips on various plants

LullabyF360March 12, 2013

Ok. I am VERY new to this. This year I have started several plants from seeds, & when the time comes, I wish to collect seeds from them. I know, I know it is very early to be thinking about this. It's just that, being a newbie & all, I want to go into this as prepared as I can be so I don't screw anything up. Such as harvesting too early, not knowing where the seeds are, or by the supreme powers of a novice, somehow kill the plant. Below is a list of flowers I am wishing to hoard seeds from (with the intent of trading).

Morning glories:
Blue sky
Scarlett o'hara
Crimson rambler
Grandpa ott

Sweet pea
Chinese lantern
Stargazer lily (if possible)
Love lies bleeding
Madagascar jasmine

I believe I have listed them all. If I haven't I'll come back & add it.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Have you gone through the list of FAQs here on how to do each variety. Not all are covered but many are and the basic guidelines apply to all.

Just Click on the blue FAQ button on the front page of this forum.


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As a rule, wait till the seeds and pods are dry and brown and crunchy. Then put the seeds on a paper plate for a few days to dry and then store them. See FAQ's about storage. There are many ways.

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To help make storage in those small bags I have just started using those old plastic milk containers. If you cut the side with the handle and cut the top end off that handle you make a nice holder for the seeds as well as a means, using that hollow handle as a spout that will let you put those seeds into those tiny bags without any problem.

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I've been told that lily seeds can be toxic if absorbed into skin. I would be careful when handling.

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