wisteria question

kdshort(zone 8)March 11, 2005

Can you plant the seeds from wisteria? They're "poping"

out all over the place! I didn't know if the seeds would actually produce a plant..I did stick some trimings in the ground and that rooted but I'm not sure about the seeds.



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The seeds that come from the pods of the wisteria (flat and round, brown in color) should grow a wisteria for you. Be patient--it may take a while. I have no idea how long it might take for the plant to flower when grown from seed.

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Kathy547(z8 AR)

I read somewhere 7-10 years to flower from seed.

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Do you just pot the seeds or soak them or nick them? How do you get them to sprout?


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I was just reading this great article on growing wisteria.
It says that wisteria can take up to 15 years to become mature enough to flower when grown from seed. Let me know though if it germinates easily? I was thinking of planting by seed too!

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angel14437(z5 NY)

I have Wisteria started from seed. The plants are about 6" tall right now. I nicked and soaked the seed overnight, before sowing 1/4" in seed starter mix. I had read 30-60 days to germinate, but mine germinated in a few weeks. After germination the only light I have used is from a southern window. They are strong, healthy plants. I also have heard to use the baggie method and a heating pad for faster germination. I also heard that from seed Wisteria takes 10-15 years to bloom, but plants are good for grafting. I don't know what I will end up with, but it's been fun so far. Good Luck.

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Not sure what a wisteria looks like,,,but One thing I have to say:Who in the heck would want to wait 14 years for a flower to bloom?????

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Hi All,
My seeds took two weeks to germinate. I have little sprouts and they are big and healthy looking. So I will be 65 when they bloom...LOL
Who cares....I grew them myself from seeds. HURRAH!!


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Stellinate(5 OH)

To laurimoon, take a look at wisteria full grown and in flower and you will see why we would wait 15 years for such a site. You can reduce this to 3-5 years if you purchase a good potted specimen from a nursery which is marked appropriately with it's age.

There isn't much prettier than a pergola covered and in full bloom. We aren't talking about a flower, we are talking about a 70 foot sprawling vine.

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I always wanted a wisteria-covered pergola.....and finally have one. We planted 2 vines "on" the pergola about 5-6 years ago. About 3 years ago, one of the vines started giving us a hint of things to come with a handful of pretty, fragrant blooms. We'd always think the 2nd vine had died since it not only wouldn't produce a single bloom, but it'd be a whole month later than its sibling in leafing out! This year, however, things all fell into place--we got masses of blooms off BOTH plants at the SAME time....it's looking like I always envisioned it. We so enjoyed sitting in our hammock swings under the sweet-smelling canopy. This was with a very early warm spurt here in the Midwest....temps into the 80s weekend before last. We talked about how wonderful it was, etc. But, we spoke too soon. Now, after a late freeze, I'm reduced to looking at my sagging, disappearing wisteria blooms from the warmth of my house. Blasted weather. I guess Mother Nature giveth and Mother Nature taketh away. I took tons of pics.....unfortunately, we don't have scratch-n-sniff photography yet :-(

Can't imagine waiting 15 years for this sight! It was long enough doing the 5-7 year wait (worth it, though). I haven't notice any seedling babies popping up from before, but I do get all kinds of suckers.


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I have a neighbor with many Wisteria plants growing in their woods.Thay tell me I can have all I want, as they have taken over everything! What size plant would be best for transplanting? I have gathered some seeds, but don't want to wait 10-15 years to have blooms! No idea which Wisteria they are. Any suggestions?

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I planted a seed, waited, it grew FAST to start with a bunch of little leaves.
Then it stopped growing at maybe 4"... withered, and died.

Granted I planted it in the winter, but it's in great soil and indoors.

Anyone know if they need anything special off the bat? The room is pretty dry because of the winter thing, but I watered it plenty, it's in the sun etc.

I have 2 more going from seeds and don't want the same fate for them.


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Hi, I have found out that they do not like a lot of watering. I had the same problem just last week from one of my 2 year old plant that I ordered from Directgardening.com and it wasn't growing very well with the soil being normally moist. So, I dried out the soil with Feline Pine Pellets. (They are completely safe for plants and gardens when not already used in the cat box :0) ) Anyway, after drying it out it started growing new leave sprouts right away and it is doing much better and doing great! Now, I simply give it very small amounts of water and leave it alone and let it do it's thing!

The soil feels just barely moist, not "moist" like you would normally think.

Good Luck


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ashley2(USDA 9)

The blooms are worth the wait! My mom gave me a piece of her wisteria plant with roots several years ago and I had waited YEARS for it to bloom and it finally bloomed yesterday! It is beautiful and worth the wait. It has lots of flower buds on it and I can't wait till they all bloom! Wisteria are awesome!!

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I just picked and harvested all my wisteria seeds. I germinate them quicker by placing them between damp paper towels in a large ziplock plastic bag then place them on a seed heating mat. They took less than a week to sprout. I transfer the sprouted seeds to seeding trays w/soil. They are about 5" tall now. I will then transfer the seedlings to a garden bed where I allow them to grow for the next 2 to 3 years, keeping them clipped from vining.After that, I use some of the clipped wisteria for bonsai subjects and the others I plant and let the vines grow long, braiding & clipping them to create tree standards I've had blooms in 5yrs. Don't over fertilize w/high N ,will get too much foliage. Pruning has to be at certain times or won't produce blooms for next year.

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I have several seedpods that I've gotten from a friend, but they're all still velvety and green. Do I need to wait for the seedpod to open up or can I force that? Thank you for any help you can give!

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Wait till the pod is brown. It's best to pick them a bit young and put them in a bucket. And let them pop on their own. When the pods pop they seeds fling far. I collected some last fall. I want to say it was really late because the wisteria was almost bare with just the pods hanging. But I popped the pod in my hand very carefully.

Mine were winter sowed and growing in my backyard now. I am patient. 15 years from now I will post pictures hopefully.

And potted one in the nursery don't always bloom in 3-5. My moms took a decade before it bloomed.

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My uncle has an amazing wisteria (pics to come)it was passed on from my great grandfather. I got some seeds this Christmas so it would only be proper to propagate. I am also going to get some cuttings, roots, etc. if anyone has any good insight on methods of propagating wisteria, please let me know.


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I just collected some seed from a vine in the woods close to my house. I am going to try to plant them using the tips here. I wish I could get a sprout but vine is tangled up in a fallen tree with other vines and it is hard to follow to roots. I would like to one day (if I can grow a plant) to make it into a bush like those I see in yards around these parts. Does anyone know how to do this and how hard is it to do? Thanks.

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There are 2 types - the Chinese wistersia which takes 10 years or more to bloom, and the Japanese types which take 3-5 years to bloom.

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My mother dug one up from a friend's woods back when I was a kid. It was pretty small and didn't bloom for 4-5 years. She was just about to dig it up when it finally bloomed one spring.

I personally wouldn't like these as they tend to take over everything and you only get the blooming for a couple weeks in the spring.

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I would love to have wisteria to plant,seeds,clipping....whatever...this begger is not choosey....lol, will trade too.

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I have a Wisteria I purchased from a nursery 6 years ago. Beautiful Plant... Any way I have limited gardening knowledge and decided to try and plant seeds from my plant. I took potting soil and planted the seeds in small plastic cups about 1/2 inch down. I am in the N.W and planted in mid Feb. 8 out of the 10 I planted are now healthy little plants. I do not know anything about seed starter, plastic bags, and heating pads. I just stuck em in the dirt and they grew.

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I randomly rescued a wisteria vine from my mother's wrath probably 12 years ago. It was growing wild in the backyard and she had tried to kill it many times to prevent it from swallowing our little shed but it would always come back.

I planted it in a small plot in the corner of our yard and let it grow up a stake about 6ft. Years later, I went off to college before it ever bloomed. I've now graduated and moved back home but every spring I'm spellbound by its flowers and magical dancing leaves!

If anyone wants seed pods, mine grows dozens and I'd be happy to send them (especially since my mom will have my head if I let it spread!)

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I've had wisteria for years,most beautiful flower cluster you'll ever see as far as I'm concerned.mine made seed pods for the 1st time.i transplanted it from the next county over,from a couple of clippings i got to root.In 3 years its traveled about 40 foot so far in every direction.I've never had one grow this rapid before,it must like where its at cause it did 12 ft the 1st year.why would someone want to wait that long for flowers?,when they bloom,you have your answer.

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I have many seeds that I have grown, one plant planted 2years ago has many flowers. I don't know why anyone would think you have to wait 15years!

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I got some Kentucky Blue Moon Wisteria from a lady and she said that the tree she got them from is very old. I have read many sites and they all say that it can take anywere from 1 year to 4 years to bloom. Never have I read 15 years. That must be a very unusual species. I live in Michigan so wouldnt you think it would take forever to grow one of these because of the cold months? NOPE! my neighbor started one from seed 2 years ago, it is now 20ft tall. same species. I hope it works for me! I am going to do more research, and see what I can come up with.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Nothing at all unusual about it - Druse: Wisteria, seeds grown plants are useful for grafting but rarely as varities and take many years to flower.

OSU Extension: " Plants that have been grown from seed remain in a long juvenile stage and often do not bloom for 10 to 15 years or longer."

Here is a link that might be useful: Ohio State fact sheet

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I found a bag of seeds I collected last year, I put them in water to soak.Will they still grow?

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FLOWPOW2(Zone 7-8 bc. ca)

ok, here is my Q, but I`m sure its hopeless. I have about 20 Kentucky Blue Moon Wisteria seeds that I misplaced about two yrs ago in my greenhouse. They have been through two sub-zero winters, I`m talking -25c to -30c. Does anyone
konw if these seeds could still be growable ? They were absotuley dry, no moisture at all got to them, I know its
probably a dumb question ....

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@ flowpow2: shouldn't be a problem ..."If you did not use the entire packet of seeds you purchased, don't throw the rest away. It is possible to freeze garden seed for later use and save the expense of buying new seeds next year." via eHow

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scpearson(5 NE CT)

I currently have three babies. They are under a foot tall, and two years old.
What I planted in the ground was not a seed, like most of you, but what looked like short little sticks. Nothing happened at the end of the first summer and I was starting to dig to plant something else when I noticed my "stick" had started to grow roots, so I covered it over and waited. Well into the second year now and though they are very small, have lots of little branches and leaves. Maybe they will do something more this year. Everyone is always saying how they take over, but I am waiting, and waiting still. At least I can tell they have grown (not much, but some) and are healthy.

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I have the Wisteria tree in my front yard. The seedlings pop up everywhere, and we cut them down with the mower. My tree is about 4-5 years old and has nice blooms. This is the first year for the seed pods. I will be collecting them if anyone wants some....I don't know how you stop them from being a vine, due to the fact that I bought mine in a tree form....

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My wisteria is about 10 years old now, but when I got it, I had just dug and ripped it out of the ground, dug a hole and planted. Watered frequently at first. Never wilted or died and in the 2nd year it had a few blooms, each year more plentiful. It always blooms four times a year throughout the spring and summer, up to fall, the blooms lasting 2 to 3 weeks and then stops. Then again blooming and taking me by surprise. Like I said, 4 times a year, not 1 time a year as someone stated. Grew it in the shape of a tree and never let it get much taller than my head. Cut it back each fall and next spring lots of blooms!!!

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Wisteria has taken over my yard ! It is vigorous here in GA and invasive. Smells great, but the roots often go way to deep to yang up, so must be dug up. Anyone want some? I haven't seen any seeds from it, but have a truckload of rooted plants. I have the lavender type.

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