Post your Photoshop Pictures here...

decobug(z6a Idaho SW)July 21, 2009

Have Photoshop or equivalent? Post your before and after pictures here and tell us what you did...

I finally got Photoshop Elements. I was hoping it would be easy to use and that I could do the things I want to do. The first thing I wanted to be able to do was get rid of the background. Check...

Here is the before and after with changing the background from normal to black. I couldn't believe how easy it was... Then I added the name of the rose...



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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

The second thing I wanted to learn how to do was change the color of the flower... I've always wanted a lavender Austin - to see what one would look like...

Molineux Before


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WOW Deco that is soooo cool!! Your are sure gonna have fun with your new little toy. That pic of Molineux is gorgeous as is the purple version. Wish we could get a purple english rose like that. Thanks for sharing, Judy

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Yeah, a purple English rose!! Or a striped one!! There isn't a striped one - is there?

I really like how you turned Molineux purple - awesome!


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the_bustopher z6 MO

Those pictures are striking. PJPII is beautiful; I don't have it yet. Molineux looks good in both colors. I haven't grown Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but he is supposed to be a version of lavender. Lilac Rose I have grown, but it is only more lavender when the weather is cool. Otherwise it was more towards pink. I, too, would like a nice lavender one if it could be produced, and it has to be fragrant.

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

Here is a very pink rose (Liv Tyler), that I changed.

The background went completely black and white, and the flower I faded the color of to make it look more like a vintage picture.

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