Salvia not looking good :(

hammonds_ns(6)June 13, 2009

I grew some St. John's Fire from seed indoors and they were great looking, healthy plants, until I planted them in the garden. They haven't died but the leaves have looked unhealthy since I planted them out. They are still growing, putting out flowers, growing new leaves but then even the new leaves end up with brown spots and white spots on them, just unhealthy looking-the pics don't show it that well, but I am hoping for some feedback on what might be wrong with them? We get plenty of rain, so they are not dried out, the location would get morning sun and afternoon shade. Thanks

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mskee(z6 MA)

I wouldn't worry much--looks like a case of transplant "sunburn/windburn" to me. That often happens when plants that are started indoors get used to being outdoors. I think they will recover just fine.

Not sure how long your morning sun is, but, if you have a "full sun" location, they would like it more.

Just my 2 cents!

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Have you applied any fertilizer? The wood mulch takes nitrogen to break down it will get it from the soil.
Taking it from the plant.Wait for some new roots to get down in the soil you should see more growth.
Being this salvias is from Brazil some warmth will
get it going also.

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