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Ok so i have read quite a few post where ya'll have germinated and planted seeds that were 1 year to 15 years old. what are you keeping them in, and how are you storring them. i know that i will be moveing in 18 months to 2 years and i would love the bring some of my plants with me, i know i cant take them all but if i start now i know that i can at lest bring the seeds.

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Hi Devonfawn,

Seed storage life depends on a few main factors: the type of seed, the temperature the seed is stored, and the humidity in which it's stored. Some seeds, like onion or parsnip, regardless of how they're stored, are typically only viable for a couple years. Others, like brassicas, when stored properly can last ten years or more.

The main rules of thumb are cold, dark, & dry. Before putting saved seed in long-term storage, be sure they are completely dry. If you plan on storing seed for a long period of time, not accessing it often, the freezer is a great place for this. I like to store seed in canning jars.

My friends at All Good Things store their seeds in canning jars in a climate controlled room at @ 55ÃÂF and @ 25% relative humidity. Ideally, the FÃÂ temp + % RH shouldn't be above 100. Also, seed lose viability very quickly when exposed to temps above 80ÃÂ F.

Just make sure the seeds are completely dry, then store them in a cold, dark place in a sealed container and you should be set!

Hope this helps,

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