Pansy Seed Saving

kathy2(z6 NY)April 27, 2005

I know it's time to plant seeds, not save them, but my Mom just bought the most beautiful pansies I have ever seen. They seem to be almost twice the size as the norm. Can anyone tell me how to save seeds from pansies? I would need step by step instructions since I don't know where to begin.



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Here is how I save mine-

When the seed pods decide it's time, the burst open and the seeds scatter. I use a piece of old nylon and cover the seed pod when it has swelled about the size of a really large pea. I use waterproof tape to seal it. Once the pod bursts (you can tell by gently feeling it) I cut off the flower and cut open the nylon. Most of the seeds are loose then. you may have to scrap them out of the pod. Careful! They like to fly off!

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kathy2(z6 NY)

I don't have a flower in front of me so it's hard to picture, but you are saying the seed pod is below the actual flower and you cover that part with the nylon, leaving the flower uncovered? Like I said, I've never done this before so you will have to bear with the unexperienced me! Thank you!

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We've all been newbies at some time. :-)

When the flower fades, the pedals drop, and that is where the seed pod forms. There is a picture at this link of a pod before it opens:

And this one shows a pod that has burst:

Last year I took a square of nylon, folded it over and sealed two sides, leaving one open. I slipped it over the seed pod like a sock. Then I sealed the last opening. It worked great!

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kathy2(z6 NY)


Thanks! The pictures and your further description made it so much clearer. I'm going to give your method a try.

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