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indian_blanket(z7 OK)April 23, 2006

I have not been happy with Park seeds this year. Several packets did little or nothing in my winter sowing. Livingston's mostly did well. Burpee mostly did well, but one variey of zinnia did nothing when direct-sown. Does anyone know of any independent research that has been done rating the germination success of the various seed companies? Thanks!

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I also noticed that the commercial seeds have gone up in price dramatically in the past several years. The packets have barely enough seeds to actually register any weight, and they are not viable seed.

My solution is to save the seeds I have and trade with everyone I know who grows things I want. Propagating from cuttings, volunteers, layering or whatever methods are out there is preferable to buying non-vialble seeds.


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I spent $20 for 4 packs of seeds from Burpee last year, almost nothing came up and what did wasn't what it was supposed to be (was supposed to be ivy leaved geranium, who knows what it was!) Since then I have spent that 20 times over and have had good luck with ferry-morse, T & M, and value seeds. I was lusting after a few things in the parks catalog but after reading your post, I'm glad I never got the order together. What are you looking for? I've really had the best luck with the things from fewllow GW'ers!

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Lusting after seeds.

OMG when I was young I lusted after the ladies. Now in my old age I lust after seeds.


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looking myself dont go to your local store !!!!PLEASE HELP just the new guy

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