Sans mailing

beachplant(9b)July 16, 2010

the boxes are packed and will be dropped off tomorrow. Delivery should be Monday or Tuesday. If you find a name on this one let me know!

Tally HO!

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Tally rocks! She sent me not one, but two plants!

Can anyone provide an id?


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Nancy what is that plant in the picture? It looks interesting. Norma

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Hi Norma, which plant are you talking about? The sans is the one I'm trying to id. In the terra cotta and red pots to the right are hoyas that Tally sent me, but I haven't id'd them yet. The blue pot in the back contains "Baby's Tears", a dracaena and a prayer plant.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Nancy,

Not sure what you mean in the pic. I see TWO Sans. in the pic above.

On the left, the upright, healthy looking Sans, don't know its ID. The 2nd Sans in the lower, front of the pic appears to have collapsed, the way the leaves are splayed out like that. Sans. don't normally look like that, sorry don't know the ID on that either, but that plant seems ill & collapsed.

Unless there's a root btwn the two, why are those Sans. planted at the very edge of the pot like that?

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It isn't collapsed or ill, that's the way it grows. There are a ton of them in the yard, it spreads like crazy but never gets more than a couple of inches tall and is always splayed looking. The leaves are a little beat up from shipping. It almost looks like someone stepped on it-all the time not this one in particular. I've got tons if anyone wants any just drop me a line. I'm slow though.
This one did bloom last year in the front bed, survived hurricane Ike and the freeze. It tolerates full sun, poor soil and heavy shade. It's growing under the house from the front beds! I love its red margins and low growing habit.
The tall one is another that grows in the same bed, nothing fancy, came from Walmart I think years ago. This is just a pup off one of them, it gets about 2-3' for me.
Tally HO!

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Hi Karen,

The "splayed" sans really isn't, it just looks that way in the picture. It has 2 babies on it which are hidden. The far plant has a large root on it that I hadn't trimmed back as of taking the picture. It has since been rectified. :)


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Here it is growing under the pride of Barbados in the front bed. You can see more of it to the left just past the trif. which grows in the same bed.
Tally HO!

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