Marigold Seed

becky619April 3, 2007

Hello everyone. I'm new here and have a question. I planted marigold plants and when I pull off the spent blooms there are lots of seeds. What should I do with them? Can I plant them somewhere now or do I have to save them for awhile? If I have to save them, what do I save them in?

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magus(8a BC)

Marigolds are very easy to start from seed. You can start them right now inside, or outside if you have passed your last frost date (which you can check online for your region). Just barely cover them, moisten the surface of the soil or starter mix, cover the container (plastic wrap should suffice if the container doesn't have its own cover), and they should sprout in a few days to a week. When that happens, remove the cover, and put the container somewhere where it gets sun (South-facing window sill should do). Once you get a couple of pairs of real leaves (in addition to the first pair that sprouts), you can transplant them (carefully) to individual containers. They don't need too much space yet, but they shouldn't be too crowded. When it's time to do some gardening, just transplant them outside, and enjoy!

As to what do you save them in, put them in a paper envelope or a paper envelope that you fold yourself. You need the porous nature of the envelope to keep the seeds from getting too much moisture and rotting. Some seeds don't last long, but marigolds do last for a few years, so if you don't use them all, you can store them for next year.

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is it possible to save nasturtium seeds

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