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gomansonApril 24, 2009

Hello, It's been a busy spring and I haven't had the time to look this stuff up, so I figured it would be a simple thing for some GardenWeb gurus to answer!

1. Do peas and beans cross pollinate? I have heirloom varieties of both and am wondering if I should plant them on different sides of the house or bag them.

2. Does anyone have any Lactuca sativa "Tennis Ball" seeds they could send or trade? It's the only thing I'm missing for this year's garden, and with shipping it ends up being at least $10 anywhere online.

3. All of the focus in books and websites on seed saving relates to vegetables and fruits. Can I save seeds from herbs and flowers as well, or are some of these hybrids? I collected seed from cillantro last year and they germinated (yet to see what they turn out to be). Can I do the same with chives, sweet Italian basil, and dill? Do I have to watch for cross pollination with any local weeds?

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gardener_mary(6 MA)

I recently borrowed a book from the library because lots of people have recommended it as a good book to read on collecting seeds. It is 'Seed to Seed' by Suzanne Ashworth. It is mainly about veg seeds, but does have a chapter on herbs. This book has lots of general info on seed collecting and info on cross pollination. It has lots of specific info on different veggies but not on flowers. I enjoyed reading this book and I'm planning on buying a copy, it has way to much info to absorb in the short time that I borrowed the book for. I think I will refer to it often. I'm sure there are good books on collecting flower seeds, sorry I don't have a name to recommend right now.

Good gardening, Mary

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Hi Gomanson,
#1 - No, beans and peas do not cross. Beans cross with beans, and peas cross with peas, but even then they do not cross at a high rate.

#2 - Post to the Seed Exchange forum. There is not much regular traffic in the forum.

#3 - Yes, you can save from flowers and herbs. The world of flowers is so vast, a book would be exceptionally difficult to compile. It would be nice to have a book for common plants though. Anyway, some can be hybrids, but only you can figure that out since they are your flowers. You can always search for your specific plant to see if it a hybrid. No you do not have to worry about crossing with local weeds. Your cilantro will be cilantro : )

Hope that helped some,

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