Salvia indica - need help

gerris2June 19, 2005

What soil requirements are there for this species? I have 3 seedlings I have started from seeds, and they are not at all happy with the "standard" soil I've provided them. Can anyone help me make these plants happier? Thanks!


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Maybe I'm overwatering them?

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I grew S. indica in rather poor, dry soil, and it flowered really well. This was from seed sown last year. The plants looks sick now, it can tend to be biennial, but I will be collecting seed.


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Thank you for this information. I will repot the seedlings, probably put them in terracotta pots, with medium that drains better than what the plants are currently are languishing in, and maybe they'll perk up. I really want to see the flowers of this species.


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jfr1107(ABQ z7 and denial)

I believe it is from the Middle East. It prefers dry and rocky (poor) soils. Probably likes the heat, especially dry heat.

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