getting Primrose seeds

razzbly(6)April 2, 2010

So i have this pink primula primrose and i have lots of friends who would like some of the seeds but i have no idea when to... harvest(i guess) the seeds! I am still kind of new to these flowers and they have little round seed pods right now

any information on this would be muchly appreciated


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Hi Razzbly,
I've saved seeds from my primroses before, and it is easy. The seed pods will dry up and open on top. Just keep checking the pods every few days. If I remember correctly, it is late spring or early summer when they are ripe, definitely earlier than most plants for seed saving. The seeds can be dark, but could look chalky depending on the species you have and that is OK.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Seed Site Primrose Page

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