New leaves are flat, not round

wiccadgardener(z8 CA)July 26, 2007

I found some kind of cylindrical sans. at the grocery store (it was labelled "Foliage in clay pot" very helpful) anyway, recently it has produced some new leaves, but they are flat, like regular leaves. Should I cut these off? Will it ever produce cylindrical leaves? Thanks for any info/advice.

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flicker(z8b LA)

DO NOT REMOVE THESE LEAVES!! Many people love this juvenile stage of cylindrical sans growth. It is putting out a pup. When the pup is large enough, you can remove it to it's own pot where it will grow straight, long, hard leaves.. I wish mine would pup. You are living right,you lucky girl.

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wiccadgardener(z8 CA)

Thank you for the advice! I probably would have eventually cut them off thinking it was reverting back to the normal leaves or something.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well here's a interesting lesson, which may be new info. for some folks.

Some Sans, when young, have entirely different looking leaves than when more mature.

I had the same experience as the poster w/ a S. patens pup, (Patens tends to have cylindrical leaves in a fan configuration) yet the brand new leaves came up & opened flat as a sheet of paper. I thought it was just amazing to see!

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

I think perhaps you are both mixed up. New growth started from leaf cuttingswill be different. New leaves starting from an unerground rhyizome will be like the mother plant or even from a stolen.
They are just smaller, shorter until they grow up.
From seed they are very likely to be flat. There are always exceptions.
But I believe we are discussing cylindrica.
Cylindrica v. cylindrica only has 2-3 leaves to a growth. Which S. cylindrida do you have? Norma

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