weevils in corn seed

holtzclaw(z7 GA)April 15, 2009

I was preparing to plant corn and pulled out the sealed bag of seed which had been stored in a sealed metal container. It is full of weevils. My dumb question: Were the weevil eggs in the bag and after hatching bored into the kernels? or Were the weevil eggs inside the kernels and bored their way out into the bag?

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Any thing is possible, if you wnat to get rid of the weevils before planting place the corn in your freezer for a couple days, that should kill them.

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holtzclaw(z7 GA)

I don't think this corn will sprout. Each kernel has a hole bored through it. It might work for a necklace.

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cannaz(z6 MO)

Weevil eggs and or larvae were in one or more of your seeds. Stored grain pests can always be a problem and I don't think feezing will be effective on weevils. In the future use a little diatomaceous earth in with the seeds and store them in a cool and dry place.

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holtzclaw(z7 GA)

Thanks for your help. If I understand correctly, even if some of kernels I wish to store already have eggs or larvae in them, once hatched, the DE would save the remaining kernels.

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