seed pod id help

beck_wi(z5 WI)April 25, 2010

I was separating some inherited poppy seeds, when I came across a different pod. They are brown with a coat of "hair" on the outside. Inside there is a thin white membrane between the seeds.

The ones to the right have already split and are between 1/2" and 3/4" long.

The center pods are smaller and have not split.

The seeds themselves are flat on one side like a teeny chestnut

My camera doesn't take the best shots up-close, so this is the best I can do. They look red because of the lighting, but they are brown.

does anyone have any ideas?

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Can you try to take a pic again outside on the paper? With better lighting, it might be easier to discern what is in your pic.

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beck_wi(z5 WI)

Here it is in natural light.... maybe its my camera-- or my monitor but they still look redder than they are.

I'm tempted to sow them just to see what comes up.

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Hi Becky,
They look brown to me, must be your monitor.
This pic is much better! You can see the furriness of the pods. I'm drawing a blank. It sort of reminds me of lupine with the seed shape and furriness, but the pods of mine are bean pod shaped not football shaped. Post over in the Winter Sowing forum. I bet someone over there knows.

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They look like cuphea seed pods to me.


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