Pups everywhere! - Pot sizes?

Mister_AJuly 20, 2014

Hi there... At the beginning of winter, I bought a hahnii/bird's nest snakeplant in a 4" pot. It was two similarly-sized pups, each over 4" wide, crammed and looking like they were strangling each other. I thought the merciful thing to do was divide it immediately. I put it into a pair of 6" pots, mixing some cactus soil with the heavier soil that it had come to me in.

I'm new to snakeplants, and my hope that they would each fill the pots with two nice, even-looking bird's nests. Both plants settled in nicely on my window and tried to send up a new leaf, but this stopped and now I see that each one has *4* rapidly-growing pups tight up against the plant, far more than I would have expected given the size of the pots. I'm really happy they're doing so well, but t's going to get crowded in there very soon.

Did I overestimate how large of a pot these two plants needed? If my goal is larger, fuller individual plants, should I divide again (once these pups are established) and put them into 4" or even 3" pots, or is there no use in fighting this and I should just let it happen? If I go that route and it fills the current pots, do I need to prepare for even more pups off the pups if I end up replanting in a couple of years? Thanks for any advice.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

What advise could I give? You have grown these plants excellently and they are rewarding you with pups. Sound like everything is going great for you. You could try the harder sibling, S.t. hahnii 'Gold Hahnii'. They are more finicky and most difficult to multiply.

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They are thriving, for sure, and I'm happy that I seem to be treating them right. I am just surprised at how aggressive they are about multiplying.

I guess my question is whether or not it would be worthwhile to divide and "pot down" to discourage pups. I'd just like to have a 1 healthy bird's nest in the pot, rather than 5 crushing each other.
The two plants at very nearly their current size were in a 4" pot. If I divide, I am considering putting them back into 4" pots. (The parent plants are probably 2"-2.5" wide at the base, 6" wide at the crown, 5" tall.)

If I do this, can I expect the mama plants to behave and stop pupping, or will even this likely continue multiplying no matter what I do as long as they are healthy?

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