Salvia clevelandii...

labeille(z10CA)June 13, 2007

Who has a voted preference for Salvia Clevelandii "Allen Chickering" versus "Winnifred Gilman" for the following characteristics?

1. Height of species? [I think Winnifred might be too short, but wonder if Allen will be too "rangy"....

2. Hardiness of species? [live at the beach with cold wet days and sandy soil]

Any input would be appreciated.

Deborah in Long Beach, CA

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

"Allen Chickering" is a hybrid with leucophylla. "Winnifred Gilman" is the straight species.

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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

Oooh,,,I LOVE these and have been looking up the best one for my area, Laguna Niguel. What is better, a hybrid or the straight species? I was about to hunt them down for ordering as I had both of these on my list but now, don't know which one to get. Will check back on this to see what happens.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

For information on California sages, try Las Pilitas Nursery or Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden.

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CA Kate

I have both. Winifred is larger with bigger blooms that have a stronger sent. I have a lot of room so Winifred's size isn't a problem -- 5'' x 5'; but if you're in need of a smaller plant, then Allen will work too.

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