Sparky Marigold

christaf1968April 9, 2012

Hi all, I harvested tons of seeds from my Marigolds last fall. Sparky Variety, and am wondering if they will reseed true to the sparky or if I should be worried about getting something else.

If I end up with a lot that germinate I plan on selling them with the proceeds going to a friend who has an ill child and needs extra getting back and forth to out of state doctors. I would hate to grow them and end up finding out I have ended up with some kind of Frankenstein flowers, lol. Last year was the first year I have grown this variety so I don't know what to expect. Thanks for any info.


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Hi Christa,
Sorry I haven't been around the forum in awhile, and no one else knew the answer. I did some checking and it seems to be an OP (Open Pollinated) cultivar. This would mean that you can use saved seed. There may be slight variations, but all in all you would be ok, and no Frankenstein flowers, lol. One exception to that would be if you had other marigolds growing nearby, because then the insects would cross pollinate them.

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Thank you Remy. I appreciate the reply. Thankful they should be normal or kind of normal. I have a bunch started for my friend and they are growing well already.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Years ago I grew Sparky marigolds and they were so pretty and so easy to grow. I see that have come back..Yeh!

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