Seeds not sprouting....

bksinaz(z9 AZ)April 25, 2013

Last year, I bought various non gmo/heirloom vegetable seeds from various online dealers and last year I had a 100% germination rate with all the seeds. I then stored all the remaining seeds, still in thier packets, inside a metal coffee can with lid. The coffee can was stored in my pantry which is always dark the entire house is air conditioned to an average of 75 degrees.

One year later (about one month ago) I planted my summer crop seeds per instructions on packets. Two weeks later, not one has germinated. I then reseeded two weeks ago.... today I noticed that not one has germinated.

Obviously no one can tell me what is wrong, but I want to know what is the best way to store my vegetable seeds so I can use them. For example, I have a few hundred seeds for kale and plant only 10 plants per season. I want to be able to use the remaining seeds each year for years to come.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I should not think that 75oF would result in all seed failing to germinate. A Colorado State site says one year is OK and does not mention temperature. Another university says 32-40oF degrees is best but does mention a forbidden temperature. I am wondering if the problem is soil temperature or water. You should see some germination.

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