Blue Hill Salvia-FLOPPY?

erinb007(New Albany, OH)June 30, 2005

Ok, I bought the Blue Hill becuase I thought it was supposed to NOT flop. Either it's flopping or a big deer has come and sat in the middle of's my first time growing and I honestly don't know if an animal matted it down or what. I have tons of them and they all look mashed down from the center. UGGGH.

What Salvias DON'T FLOP and keep a great blue or purple color without needed to be cut back?



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I don't mean to be dense, but don't all salvia need to be cut back or trimmed at some point?
I think S. forsskaolii could be a good one for you to try. The inflorescences are very sturdy and since it dies down in winter it shouldn't be that hard to keep in your zone.
You may also want to try 'Indogi Spires'. Cuttings root easily to be saved for spring planting; I don't know if it would overwinter in your area.

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DivaHerHighness(z9 SoCal)

I am growing S. Guaranitica Black and Blue for the first time this year. So far it's 3 feet tall and is nicely upright, definitely more so than S. Indigo Spires was in my case. Diva

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