Hand pollinating in book Seed to Seed?

rosegarden3(5)April 2, 2013

I would say I'm an intermediate gardener. I have had a vegetable garden for many years with varying degrees of success. I've learned a lot along the way. This year I would like to start saving my own seeds. As usual when I have a gardening question the first place I turned was to this forum. I have learned so much from here. From my search on here I have found lots of great advice on seed saving, most of all I have found several references to a book called "Seed to Seed". I found it on amazon and it is on its way. However in my search I have also found may references to hand pollination. So my question is, does the book "Seed to Seed" cover hand pollination? or is there another book on that that I should purchase?


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Hi Rosie,
If you have not received it yet, it does discuss how to hand pollinate where necessary like with squash.
Another book to think about especially of you are really interested in all of this is 'Breed Your Own Vegetables Varieties' by Carol Deppe.

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I second 'Breed Your Own Vegetables Varieties' by Carol Deppe. I have Seed to Seed and use that for my seed saving needs. She describes how to save corn seed very detailed and I am using that now, which is helpful. But I love Deppe's books because they are so detailed on the why's and how's that even someone who didn't have gardening experience could understand how to hand pollinate. You could find it at your library, but you will probably use her books so much, you will probably want your own copies.


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