List of my small collection of Sans

siklid(Z5b Mi)August 1, 2008


I normally post over at the cacti/succulent forum. Just thought I'd say Hi, and list out what I've got . Currently I have an old pot of the standard garden center variegated mother inlaws toungue( trifasciata i think it what the sci is), I've had that one for years. Some cultivar I bought by the name moonglow, had that one a while now too. One that looks like it is a cylindrica, had that a few years as well.Then theres my recent purchases, hallii,pinguicula,ballyii,and eliptica ..... the pings are not rooted yet , the other three I got from a great local place and all seem to be doing very well. I can't wait for the ballyi to fill out enough I can move it to a hanging basket. Hopefully all of them will grow enough for me to have extras before I retire ( about another 30 years from now).

Wish me luck

ps nice to see theres a forum just for this genus, I like them alot and having a forum so specific will hopefully help me learn more about whats out there and how to care for them

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You're welcome (^_^)

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It is good to see another person growing these plants in a temperate climate, LOL! Nice purchase there!
'Moonglow' aka 'Moonshine' is also a cultivar of S. trifasciata. It has been around a while, and it is a good grower, so it is now relativley common. There is nothing wrong with being common, though. The new pups, with their clean ghostly whiteness, are awesome! Enjoy!

P.s. Stephania- Is that one of your plants? Wow!!

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Yeb! that's my variegated 'Baseball Bat'

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