Inducing more plantlet production

RainforestGuyAugust 12, 2011

I am always amazed how some people always ask,"Can I get the next offshoot?"

One can induce shoot production in many ways. of course if this is a variegated clone, vegetative production by way of a new shoot is the only way to get more. But there are ways to induce more vegetative reproduction.

One of the oldest ways is to kill the current plant.

This may sound extreme, but killing the growing point is the fastest way to reproduce the same clone.

I have used various ways to be sure the crown is dead. Removing the central leaf shoot is a start. Then one must make sure that it is truly dead. I have used sealing putty (the kind you would use to seal a cut tree limb) and making sure that a new tip won't emerge.

This should be done on a matured plant with many leaves. The rapid development of side shoots is amazing. It could fill a pot! As soon as it develops a true shoot, you can remove and root this in its own pot.

Be sure to fertilize your plants to increase nutrient absorption and assimilation.

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Here is a S. masoniana variegated with its central shoot tip removed the the crown killed.

I will show updates of shoot formation by this method. Don't expect this to be rapid as variegated types takes a little longer than usual.

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