Harvesting lavender seeds question?

Julia_C(6 NE PA)May 9, 2012

Anyone know a good way to separate the seeds from the calyx? This is my first time trying to harvest the seeds, but it's quite a task. I've been rolling them between my fingers, until it falls apart, but even that is incredibly time consuming.

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Hi Julia,
If I'm having trouble separating the seed from the calyx, I leave them in a paper bag and let them dry longer. The calyx will eventually get bone dry and will break apart easier.
If you need them sooner for a trade, let the trader know they are not separated because it is tedious and time consuming. They should be happy to get the seeds regardless!

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Julia_C(6 NE PA)

Thanks Remy. I'm probably being too impatient anyway, I will try and let them dry out longer. I would like to save some of them for winter sowing this year and I'm just OCD enough to want perfectly clean seeds!

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