Sansevieria as Room Air Conditioners

RainforestGuyAugust 12, 2011

Did you know that sansevierias make excellent room fresheners besides just looking pretty?

Many common houseplants have been known to purify the air, but aside from this, they add a mental dimension that breaks the monotony of being living in an artificial environment. Having a live plant in an office often eases tensions and creates a mood for stress relief and feeling alive.

Most houseplants usually meet certain doom if ignored, not tendered to or perhaps over cared for. But the sansevieria can withstand most abuses the common black thumber can dish out.

NASA has done extensive research in finding plants that make artificial environment living more adaptable. The sansevieria is tops on the list.

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Yes, we did know that.

But what about the submental dimension - has that been explored?

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Jeff I think most of our members knew that except perhaps the beginners, this is common knowledge.

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I love your enthusiasm rain forest guy!! I've been reading all your posts on here. I have three different sans varieties and I LOVE them. I got my first one from a students mom my second year of teaching. It was my first houseplant and I almost killed it LOL. But now it's living healthfully and happily in half of a water bottle in my bedroom. :) I've also heard these are good bedroom plants because they produce oxygen at night.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Welcome to our world. Sorry to say but RainforestGuy doesn't post here anymore.
I did see the NASA study about removes radiation;
That is good if you have Radon Gas in your house. I wonder it the plant itself becomes radioactive?
Also as far as I know, green plants absorb oxygen at night and produces oxygen during daylight from carbon dioxide using the carbon as food.

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