Containers for long term seed storage

lyinseeker(z9)May 26, 2007

I've only started saving my leftover seeds from the spring planting. I'm using 1oz and 2oz containers for storing the seeds produced from my vegetable crop this year.

Here is a site I found that sells food grade containers which would be great for storing seeds and saving them. They are also sold in bulk as well, so if you want, you can make seed saving kits for your gardening buddies.


I'm going to buy some 2oz tins and dessicant packs in a few weeks. Tell me what you think.

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Springshowers(z4 MT)

Good idea!
I have found the baby food containers (not the small glass jars, the new plastic containers) work perfectly. They have lids that seem to hold tight (once the seeds are totally dried of course) and they're just the right size for a small time seed collecter like me. :o]

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

The best place for long-term storage of seeds is your freezer; but that requires containers that are completely air-tight, otherwise the seed will dessicate (as in be freeze-dried).

Baby food jars might work, as would any other jar with a rubber seal. Ball jars are good for this, you can put a lot of envelopes into one.

But I think that the best method for preserving seeds is the heat-sealed foil packs. Several seed companies carry them, including Seed Savers and Southern Exposure. You can also re-use foil-lined chip bags, if they are cleaned out.

Remember that if seed is frozen, it must remain sealed in its container after removal from the freezer, until the seeds (and the container) reach room temperature. Failure to do this can cause condensation on the seeds, which will quickly destroy them.

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I'll try those two companies for foil packets. Thanks for the info.


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darlene87(z7 Wa)

A few other items. One is film canisters from 35 mm. cameras. Yes, we still use ours. Another is: if you know of anyone on insulin, the containers that their needs come in is great, the top of the container has a little dehumidifer built in so no moisture! They just toss them anyway, and it is great to recycle. I use foil tea bag holders, and seal them with tape.

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