Sansevieria collection in Thailand

stephaniaAugust 13, 2007

Months ago I visited Unyamanee Garden, a rare & unusual plant collection

near Bangkok City, Thailand. The owner is my friend, Mr Pramote.

Beyond his great collection of many variegated exotic and tropical plants,

there are an interesting collection of Sansevieria that I would like to share San lovers.

Mr Pramote, on the right with his customer handing

San. caulescens cv. 'Super Star'

San. caulescens 'Super Star' which mutated in his garden.

San. collections.

Some special variegated San.

Some beautiful and bizarre.

Pramote also makes some crosses, the blue-net bags protect San. seed pods.

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flicker(z8b LA)

WOW! WOW! WOW!! If only we could import these fine plants!! I hear there is a new book out (in Thai) with gorgeous pictures of these hybrids. Asiatica Nursery has it.Did you buy anything?

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LOL (^_^) No I didn't, Johanna...I'm a kind of poor man.
Actually I've kept some San, but most of them are not pricey cv.
The only two of rather special that I have in my collection
are San. kirkii 'Silver' and a small plant of variegated 'Baseball Bat'

Here my 'Silver' kirkii

The book you mentioned should be this one, yes it's Thai,
but has nice pics with cultivar name captioned.
I'm not sure if Tropiflora in FL has the book for sale yet.

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flicker(z8b LA)

Thank you for the pictures. I did not see this book for sale on the tropiflora site but I will look again later. My collection is getting larger because I have found people who like to trade sans here in the states. It has saved me money.
The pictures from that book are marvelous. The tropical climate does encourage plants to do their best.

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Hi, you have pictures of very impressive plants!!!!!
Do you have any idea in what type of medium he is growing his plants?
And how does he avoid breaking all those nice clay pots,
maybe he use a inner pot or maybe they are made of plastic?
I can see in high pots a inner pot.
Nowdays there very nice immitations on the market.

Thanks for informing us, keep up sending pictures in the future,

Saludos Herman

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

That is a very serious professional grower. He is more than a mere collector like me. He's Big Time. I glad that you showed these pictures.
Thank you, Norma

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Yes, they are beautiful and thank you for showing them. I'm a budding collector, but one day, I'll be like Norma.;) (((Waving, "Hi Norma!")

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Hi can anyone give me some information on nurseries or persons that are selling Blue Kirkii. I live in Thailand and will be more than happy to send you a book in exchange for some information.

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