An incredible growth of my Baseball Bat

stephaniaAugust 2, 2008

I took this picture of a new leaf on June 19, 2008.

The plant grows really fast ! this was taken on July 24, 2008 only one month

There is even one more leaf shooting up, too!

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How do you guys in Thailand manage to do this? So many plants mutate to variagates in your country, is it the light, the soil, the weather, some super feed? It is just incredible!

Very nice plant Stephania, and I hope your new leaf grow to be a stunning sport of Baseball Bat!



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Yes, you must have the climate for Sans! Of course, the results show YOUR ability and care too!

Sansevieria are funny, they can sit there and seem to do nothing for so long, and then suddenly EXPLODE into growth.

Nice pictures of a well-grown plant!

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:-)) You Sans. drunk some steriod. (kidding !)

Actually, in our tropical climate, they really do need a lot of water.
Anyway, there are some Sans. which seem to be sluggish, such as S.pinguicula.

This guy also a very slow, Sans hallii 'Pink Bat' which had a single leaf for months
and just shoots new leaf in rainy season.

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I really like the 'Bats'. Yours are very pretty. Some day I hope to have a 'Pink Bat'.

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