Saving - then using - butternut squash seeds

greenamandaMay 13, 2012

I've read lots of threads on saving and storing squash seeds but I am really wondering - I have a squash ready. If I open it up, dry out my seeds for a few days, can I plant them now for this Summer?

Mind you, I have a long, warm summer and I plant my squash in pure compost mounds from my farm animals. So, I am not worried about the timing. I do have crookneck as well as zucchini in my garden that I started over a month ago. So, I don't NEED the butternut to be successful. It's really more of a curious experiment.

If I start seeds in a week from a squash I cut open today will they grow this year or do they need a cold season first?

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No, no cold season needed. Take them out, dry them, and them plant them :)

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IF the squash is mature and the seeds are plump then you can plant them.

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