Sansevieria rooted in water

Drakens(5a)August 27, 2012

A while back I had a mass die off of sans in my house, only a few survived. Someone told me they're susceptible to disease and that may have been what happened. Anyway, some of the ones I saved I decided to experiment with and rooted them in water. Now I have sans with water roots in a glass, even one has a little pup growing, however they look like they're in the initial stages of rotting, but with lots of water roots. I drained the water to let them dry out a bit, but I'm not sure what to do with them. Can they be grown in water and I didn't do something right, or do I need to pot them up and let the air roots grow? If I need to pot them up, what's the best way to do so for their survival?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

First Welcome.
Now we need to know what kind you are talking about. Sans are very hardy and tuff. As long as you don't over water them and over feed them. They need low light little water just keep them out of drafts and cold. I think you must have Sansevieria trifasciata because they are the most common ones and very well disturbed all over the place. They are my favorite ones. We need pictures. They would help. Also I would plant them in a fast draining soil mix but if you got success. Why not see what develops. We have all the experts here and they will help you out.

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