How big does Lady in Red get?

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)June 29, 2009

How big does she get, and what kind of fertilizer do you use on her?


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They will reach several feet eventually although I admit I have never measured one. They don't require feeding, even growing well in rather barren soil.

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I am in a drier climate than you and wardda. Mine is less
than a foot tall (on clay soil). S.coccinea is native here
and gets about 2 feet.S.coccinea "Coral Nymph"& "White Nymph" are 18".

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

The tag with the lady in red I recently bought at a local greenhouse says 12-15".

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On second thought they will sometimes reach nearly 3 feet. This is in better soil with regular water. Some varieties of coccinea will reach 4 feet or more. Our buddy down in Texas makes an important point about local climate, it can make a very big difference.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Last year my Lady in Red plants got to about 3' both inground and in containers on deck. Their tags said 18" when I bought them.

I grew my own from seed this year and hope they're as big as last year. Also sowed Coral Nymph since it reportedly can take more shade. Hope that also grows its little heart out to taller proportions even though seed vendor's site says 15".

Maybe it makes a difference that I fed them and will do so again this year.

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I have had them get 3ft but with regular watering and feeding. Im sure other people have had them get even bigger than that.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Mine are a bit taller than 3' planted in ground in sandy well-drained garden soil. I love this plant!!!!


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