pmad(KY)May 30, 2006

I noticed several dead heads on my verbena this weekend. How do I harvest the seeds and store? thank you

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Which verbena?

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I've saved a lot of verbena seeds the last few years. I wait until the pods are completely dry and splitting open to pick them. There should be about 4 seeds in each - they look like little sticks. After I just let dry for a few days on a paper plate and store in envelope in a dry place.

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i had this very same question on an annual verbena that i wintersowed. It is the most gorgeous bold purple with a white eye and I'd love to save some, but can't figure out where the seed pods are. Do they stay in a little cluster, like the flower? Are they difficult to collect?

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They stay in a cluster like the flowers. When the flower dies there should still be some green stuck to the stem - that is where the seeds develop. Not every one will have seeds, but if they plump out a little - there's seed there. Let them turn brown and dry before harvesting them. The seeds will look like little sticks that are about 1/4".

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