pmad(KY)May 30, 2006

i have two varieties, one is, I think, called Ticseed and the other, I can recall - it's a taller one.

Any suggestions on gathering seed from these?

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I only realize it's time to harvest seed when the goldfinches go after the heads ;)

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When the heads turn brown and dry that is when it's time to harvest the seed. The trick is to get them before they open and spill the seeds. I usually get them when I am dead heading, some of them are ripe and I'll collect the seeds from them. I dead head most of them to keep them blooming, but there are always plenty of seeds. I grow Coreopsis Early Sunrise they will start blooming any day now and I can collect seed all summer long.

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Kaydee, I looked at mine this morning before leaving home - I left the plant stick in it for identification and it is the Early Sunrise variety also. If left alone, will they reseed on their own and spread?

I love this whole seed gathering thing, I just have a lot to learn

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Coreopsis seeds are fun to gather. Let the head go brown. It will open up like a cup and the seeds will spill out into your hand - you have to move fast before they all take off. The part of the debris that are seeds are the disks that look a bit like a turtle shell - just a little cup with a darker spot in the middle.

Coreopsis like plains coreopsis will have smaller "shells" more like a half moon sliver. Once you find your first batch, you will understand the process and have a ball harvesting.

Personally, I like to winter sow my coreopsis for more control over the sprouts. I'm not sure mine really re-seed on their own that much.

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I am in zone 6b NYC and mine do reseed. In the past couple of weeks I have been pulling out the volunteers. I don't get that many because I dead head quite regularly and I collect the rest. The few I miss come up the next year. You really have to dead head this plant so it will continue to flower through out the summer.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Excellent point. When the first flush of blooms fades, I whack the whole thing with my clippers and wait for the second flush.

I don't know why mine don't re-seed that much. Perhaps because I have them in drought conditions and packed in a cottage garden setting.

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