Snow peas-how to save seeds

thundercat(zn5)May 3, 2006

is it like when you save lima beans you just let them sit in the pod till it rattles or is there a different process to saving snow peas???


Jammie and Gizmo

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girlndocs(8 WA)

If I leave my snow peas too long before harvesting, they eventually get fat and tough like other peas so I would assume the process is exactly the same.


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It's pretty much the same. Just keep an eye on them as they dry down. I lost my seed one year because chipmonks discovered them! If the whole plant is drying down at the same time I prefer to pull it and bring it indoors somewhere, to finish and to be protected from rodents.

Tahlequah, OK

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Dittos on the chipmonk advice... once they find the dry peas, they will harvest them down to the last pod. I had to put out traps one year to save my crop (lethal ones, I'm afraid; they were too clever for live traps).

The dry seed of most snow peas make excellent soup peas, and are more prolific than some of the varieties bred for that purpose.

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