Germination rate of 11year old stored seeds

angel_z5May 6, 2012

I want to pass along some info to people that save seeds(or students). I saved seeds from 2001 in quart mason jars containing a few ounces of desiccant. They were generally stored at ~70'F, at normal air pressure.

I germinated them 11 years later in 2012 with the following germination rate results:



lettuce type-1......0%

lettuce type-2......0%

Supports the paradigm, that larger seeds have better germination rates.

Not 2000 year old seeds, like the recently germinated "methuselah date palm". but maybe of interest to seed savers.

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Thanks for the info. How did you get -70 degrees ? I have some lettuce seed that is 12 years old and still germinating. It is stored at room temperature in the seed packet in our porch. I am amazed and thankfully was able to get some seed saved from plants last year that are growing nicely now. Its funny because it was alettuce mix, and only one red leaf type lettuce is germinating, which wasn't in the mix, odd.

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