Sun damage on Black & Blue?

ditnc(7 NC)July 9, 2012

I'm in NC zone 7b. My B&B came back beautifully this spring, and I transplanted it into a black kettle pot. It gets sun from about 11am until 6pm. It has been in the 100's for a week or 2 now (although it fells like forever!). I have noticed that my B&B is suffering, with singed edges on some of the leaves, and today I noticed several leaves had fallen off. (The kettle and roots are shaded by the deck during the late afternoon, but the leaves have full sun.)

I read that this salvia loves sun. Is that incorrect? I have been giving it lots of water to get it through this hot spell, but I'm thinking that perhaps it needs shade. Does anyone have experience with B&B in a very hot climate? What type of sun does it like?

I'm taking it out of the midday/late afternoon sun tomorrow to try to relieve its stress and help it recover. But so many of my plants have died so far this year, I feel I need some guidance. TIA.

P.S. my hot lips is next to the B&B, and it's doing well (knock on wood!). And the temps here should drop into the 80's this week.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The roots need to breath. I am experiencing some die-off because some of my sages have roots that are sensitive to the combination of high heat and moisture, and not enough air.

We need to get some research done in this area to determine optimal conditions for different sages.

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Actually Black & Blue and other guaranitica don't require full sun. I gave some to a friend maybe 10 years ago who planted them in a 70% shady garden (the kind of place Trilliums thrive) and they have done quite well. I completely agree with Rich's comment about needing to know more about the culture of particular salvias. It can take me years to get it right and with a few I never do.

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