katliketheefMay 12, 2006

I bought a little Lantana, the ones Im used to seeing down here with the yellow and pink flowers, from Walmart, and now I also have a yellow one growing in one of the flower beds that I didnt was a pleasant surprise, I like Lantanas...but how do I save the seeds from them?

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from what I have read, they are really hard to start from seed. Although I don't recall how anyone harvested the seed

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It's fairly easy to harvest. The form little berries - about 1/4 inch+ each. They turn really dark purple when ripe. The seed is a sizeable pit inside the berry. I had about 30% germination on the ones I saved last year. Not great-

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Okay, so I bought one from walmart, too and it suddenly wasn't blooming anymore and has these green balls all over it-where there were blooms-those are seeds? Why did it suddenly go completely to seed? I see I collect them when they go purple, but what can I do to encourage it to bloom again? Thanks!

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Deadhead, deadhead, deadhead. I just whack mine with scissors until all the seed pods have been cut off. Mine are in back, so I don't have to be pretty about it. You may want to be a little more artistic than I am. The yellow do bloom best; it seems my pink/lavender one needs to be deadheaded more often.


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