Please help to identify

hankeatAugust 14, 2014

I bought this tiny Sansevieria at a home improvement store. It looks like a S. francisii, but this one is branched. The two sansevierias are from the same stem. I hope someone can identify it.

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I'm sorry to get your hopes up by replying (I don't know what you have there), I just wanted to ask which Home improvement store you purchased it from (if you don't mind answering) and say WOWZERS, those are some beautiful plants.


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Looks like a type of Aloe .

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@ Planto: I live in Berlin, Germany. I bought from Hellweg.
@ simplegreenguy: It's definitely a Sansevieria, as I collect the plants.

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Yes, definitely a Sans.

Aww man, I'm in the states. I think Germany would be a bit far to go for a plant. Also, I don't think my Husband would understand me going there for just a plant either, lol (not that I'd be able to get it through customs anyway).


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I hope you're still around. Someone I know had a look at your plant in question and suggested it might be Sansevieria pinguicula, due to the look of the leaves and the spiked leaf tips.

Can you provide a picture of a side view of the plant? That would help confirming the ID.


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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Could be a S. Ballyi. Too hard to tell.

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I copied the photo on the FB page "Sansevieria Lovers European Group" (biggest online group of Sans enthusiasts). The heavyweights agree : it is a juvenile form of S.francisii grown from leaf cuttings. Just wait some months and it will develop in a normal looking adult francisii.

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