S. forreri flowers - the blue and pink ones

dave_olympia(7B)July 25, 2012

I wasn't expecting this, both blue and pink flowers on the same plant, propagated from seed this spring. Not much info about this one. I hope it's as hardy as arizonica. Sorry about the really bad picture, ones on the upper right and lower left are a light pink. The only other possibility is 2 seedlings planted together - that could've happened, I guess. David

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Can't help you with the two colored salvia but I am curious. I have been considering growing arizonica for several years now and I wonder what you can tell me.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I'm getting an arizonica from High Country Gardens this weekend. Like forreri, it is a high-altitude plant, and needs drainage. I grew it before, and it was a wiry plant. Forreri is a lot like glechomifolia, and may also like some humus. All three are closely related.

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wardda, I bought a small plant of arizonica in summer of 2010 and it has thrived here in the Pacific NW at the base of a small tree. I read that it often grows under shrubs and trees in the wild. It has now spread several feet outward from the base. It's a great ground cover and the small flowers are best enjoyed up close. We had temperatures in 2010 down to 12 degrees and it came back in May with no problems. I think it could be easily controlled if you want a smaller patch by cutting it back. The stems are quite long. It sets plenty of seeds.

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Thanks, it should be hardy here in South Jersey too, especially since drainage isn't an issue.

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