Virginia bluebell seed collecting

lv2garden2008(6, cols., OH)May 31, 2008

Hi, Im a total newbie and have never collected any seeds yet. My Virginia bluebell seems to be withering back but I see no pods and have no idea where to get the seeds from. I tried googling it but had no luck? Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Hi lv2garden, I'm new myself and I've found a really helpful site to reference when trying to figure out where seeds are located is the seed site.

Most of my experimenting so far has consisted of pulling dead plants apart slowly...the seeds are usually somewhere right under the petals of the dried up flower. I hope this helps, good luck. Laura.

Here is a link that might be useful: The seed site

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lv2garden2008(6, cols., OH)

Thanks so much Laura! That site is wonderful. I think its too late for my bluebells but will help with all my other plants.


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