Does anyone know where to order different kinds of Sans?

meyermike_1micha(5)August 27, 2010


After I posted this on the houseplant forum, I realized that there is a special place for these plants..:-)

I was hoping someone could steer me to one of the best or reputable places to order "unique" and different Sansevieria plants..

The choices are very limited at the box stores and my local nursery..They all look the same..Not many choices.

My Aunt is very sick,in fact Lupus, which confines her indoors most days, and this is the only plant she loves to grow.

I was hoping to get her some different kinds of them she could enjoy..All different kinds..

Thank you.:-)

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in the US there are Dave's garden, Bob Smoley's and Glasshouse works. And some auction sellers.


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Hey MeyerMike-
They are great plants....surprisingly addicting. Besides getting some for your should try a few.
I enjoy your posts and enthusiasm on these forums. Also, like you, I have a fairly small house in the northeast part of the country, so have to suffer trying to grow too many plants in too small a space. sigh.
Anyway, back to Sans. the above sources are good. However, one of the best sources is other hobbyists!! Of course there are very rare types and variegates that sell for 100s of dollars (or more!), but there are beautiful and/or interesting types you can probably trade or get from other folks. Hint. Send me an e-mail. I am still fairly new at the group of plants also, and some nice folks hav helped me a lot. I was surprised how addicting this Genus can be!

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The Huntington Botanical Gardens, Endangered Species, Northridge Gardens, Grigsby's there are a few more but i don't know if they will mail order. Several in Phoenix I can't remember their names. Norma

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Bob Smoley has a great selection, it's a bad time of the the year to receive these plants but he uses heat packs, start out with the cheaper easier ones to grow until you get the hang of watering and soil down pat. The are mainly famous for being house plants that need little care, who ever you order from, make sure you tell them that you are a beginner, so would need a plant with roots. He should not be busy this time of the year and I have delt with him for years. His names are quite accurate, and has a good reputation. I have 300 Sansevieria species, but I do not sell on eBay or the forums. Be very careful of buying on EBay, especially if you are a novice. I got took, and I'm experienced and postage is outrageous. Norma

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The postage is expensive, but I have received some nice specimens from dealers on e-bay. I always check their track record and watch the quality and consistency of their offerings. When you find a dealer you like, you may be able to ask directly for specific varieties you would like him to list for you.

I have joined the ISS (Intntl Sans Society). They have a wonderful journal, which your aunt may enjoy as well. Depending on where you live, the local state cactus and succulent societies are really great for acquiring plants (I joined the CSSM--Mass.) Hope this helps.

PS: I am so addicted to these plants, that I am researching the possibility of importing some of the incredible specimens available from Thailand! DOES ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS??? Thank you!

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There is a plant called S. parva, easy to grow, it is a house plant, and need more sun then the rest of the species to grow properly, does not stand up right without the proper filtered light. Will drop leaves with too much water. San. do not get insects unless you have ants that bring them into the soil. No mealies, no white fly, no scale' no nothing, nothing to talk about. I also assume that you are growing them correctly. We have a San. forum, listed on Ivillage. Looke for it at the top of the home page of this forum. I don't believe it is legal for me to sell plants here or even ask for postage money. Remember this is the wrong time of the year, besure not to order outside of the U.S. Bob Smoley is the best bet and has a very large selection the last time I looked at his list. I'm sorry I am unable to send out plants at this time. Norma

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Norma,

This IS the Sans. forum, maybe you've been posting in several other different places? (I've sometimes mistaken which forum I was on at the time after making multiple posts in different places in a short time span.)


W/ her illness, maybe she's not up for anything fancier or more demanding than the basics. I'd stick to basic Sans. first & see how she does w/ them.

Just cause they're not fancy or 'unique' doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. I collect any & all that I run across. Some basic, some fancy, but I hate the yellow stripe of the common one, so of the 10+ different Sans. I have, NONE have a yellow stripe.

Perhaps start out easy & try to collect any & all you can find locally first.

The short, squat Hahnii types can be tricker, I find them to be more sensitive to overwatering than the regular & I have stopped trying to grow these after killing a few.

Why not start by giving her just a couple of them & see how she does w/ them?

Hi Penguin,

Perhaps consider starting a separate thread asking info. on importing Sans. from Thailand, the Cytes/permits info. you'd likely need, etc. Am guessing the International Sans. Society would be a good place to ask about this; they likely already have some knowledge/experience about it.

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Arid Lands, they have a nice collection of plants for sell, and are reputable. The rest are great as well, but different nurseries have different species for sale at any given time. They don't have the same collections for sale you may need to get them at five different places, have the fun of collecting is finding them. Norma

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