Will green seed pods 'mature' if plant is pulled out?

peebee1May 13, 2006

I am in a rush to clear my veggie garden for summer crops, and I still have an arugula plant not quite dead, but there are masses of seed pods still green and swollen on the stems. Can I pull out the plant, and turn it upside down in the garage to dry out to collect the seeds, or should I wait as I normally do for the plant to brown naturally? In the meantime the birds are eating the pods while still green!

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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magus(8a BC)

Depends on how mature the seeds on it were when you pulled the plants out. If the seeds are almost ripe, then they can mature a bit more if you put the plant in some water or so (relying on whatever nutrients are left in the mother plant). If they are still green and not near ready, then they will never mature, as you have pulled it out of its supply of nutrients that the seeds need to form completely.

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