Storing Marigold Seeds

mphoinixMay 20, 2006

Good Afternoon:

I just joined this forum, can anyone please tell me how to store Marigold seeds. I gather them from the dried flowers off the plant.

I now have a cup full of seeds.

Any info will be appreciated.

Thank You,


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I leave mine out for a few days to make sure they are dry, and then store them a plastic sandwich bag. In fact, a few years ago, I found some that I had tucked away on a top shelf without benefit of the bag. I don't know what the germination rate was, but I had enough to share with neighbors. Bill

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So, here we are end of May/first of June. I noticed a few dead heads on my marigolds this weekend. Is it too soon to start gathering seed and having til next year? Should I wait til later in the season?

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The life span of mari gold seeds is from what I have read 2 years,-helena

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store in low room temp with low moisture level in the less air and the least ligth possible.

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