Flowering rosette

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)August 4, 2010

I have an unnamed Sansevieria that is sending up an inflorescence. I am curious - do the rosettes die after flowering, like with bromeliads? I already have offsets from this rosete, so I will be OK, but i want to know what to expect.

The plant, as I noted, is a rosette, The leaves are about two feet long, no more than an inch across, and have some transverse banding of a darker green. The upper surface of the leaves are strongly concave, but there is no trace of cylindrical development. The rosette has about 8 to 10 leaves. I would appreciate any guess as to the ID. I would not think it is anything remarkably rare - I bought it at a general nursery that is known for having good plants but specializes in heirloom roses!

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sounds like one of the Sans. trifasciata varieties. The rosette will stop growing and never flower again, but not immediately die. It may last for years longer.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Congrats to you on the blooming. Many of us who've grown Sans. for a few years now have never had one bloom.

Sorry, since I've never bloomed one I personally can't speak to what to expect.

I'd suggest your care is exactly to its liking, keep doing what you're doing.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Helli, I am familiar with a lot of trifasciata strains and I am 99% sure this is not a trifasciata. If you were to tell me it is a hybrid between, say, cylindrica and trifasciata, I might believe that. Thanks for the info about it not reblooming from the same rosette - I suspected that was the case.

Pirate Girl, thanks for the congratulations. I had it on my eastward facing front porch, no shade, so full sun all morning long. Ths last month was VERY hot, essentially every day over 90 for the high, many over 95, lows 75 or above. A good soaking about every 4 or 5 days, one dose of fertilizer.

I know these have a wonderful fragrance when the blooms open!

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well a photo would then be helpful. I understand you are in the US - as european I am not sure what is common in the stores. Here, it would probably be S. roxburghiana or its dwarf form 'Roxette', being the only other species apart from trif. and cylindrica quite easily available.


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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

I did an image search and it is definitely Sans. roxburghiana! Here in the US, it is very difficult to find any Sansevieria other than trifasciata in general nurseries, this nursery had this one plant of roxburghiana and another, variegated Sansevieria which may or may not be "Bantel's Sensation".

I appreciate the help. I have been growing succulents seriously for 35 years but am a novice when it comes to Sansevierias.

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Kennth if you take just that piece out, and cut back the roots, it will be come young again, it will send out offset, and will live. Agave die, these do not die after flowering, restart it and a separate pot and see if what I'm telling you the truth. Roxburghiana will not revert to anything because it is a true species. Concave = channal, Norma

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Most of mine are growing in the yard, they bloom yearly and do not die back. Sometimes twice a year like this year. Often the blooms are hidden in everything growing but the fragrance always gives them away.
Congrats on your new plant!
Tally HO!

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